Maria José Araújo

Maria José Araújo

PhD Student Researcher Lecturer

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« Heritage Value of Portuguese Gastronomy - impact on Porto`s tourists satisfaction »
2014 - Supervised by Prof Dr Isabel Andrés Marques.
Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Portuguese culture has in its culinary traditions an inestimable value, which has greatly contributed to the promotion of tourism in the country.Portugal is considered one of the best countries in Europe as travel destination for food and wine and portuguese gastronomy has been revealing high levels of satisfaction among tourists, who seek factors of authenticity attached to the culture and tradition of their chosen destinations.
Food and beverage business supply includes a wide diversity of variables associated to a material dimension, such as price or food security. But it also involves an immaterial dimension, with intangible components related to portuguese culture and history, confirming the heritage value of portuguese gastronomy in general, and the region of Porto and North in particular.
This study proves that the variables forming the immaterial dimension of portuguese gastronomy, such as taste and flavor, simplicity, hospitality, connection to the sea, among others, are the most appreciated by tourists visiting Porto and the North of Portugal, are the ones that cause them the greatest satisfaction, strongly contributing to the enrichment of their tourist experience and are decisive in their intention to revisit and to recommend this destination.