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Thierry Argant


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« L'alimentation d'origine animale à Lyon des origines au XXe siècle »
2001 - Supervised by Olivier ZELLER.
Université Lumière - Lyon 2

Using both archaeological and historic data, we will attempt to identify animal species which used to be eaten on the site of Lyon (France), from Neolithic to year 1968. First of all, our sources will be introduced sorted by chronological periods. Species will then be described in detail, including all information available on first appearance, morphology, osteometry, origin, prices, consumption, anectodes. We will finally synthetically describe long-term trends of the meat based diet of the population in Lyon, sorted by categories : fishes, game animals, birds, poultry, and domestic Mammals. We will particularly insist on changes in consumption of beef, pork and mutton, i.e. the domestic triad. We will especially compare different kinds of data from modern times, the only period for which we can cross archaeological data and octroi's accounts. Thus three main cycles in the consumtion of the triad's will be shown.